PUBG Nations Cup 2022: Quick Briefing and Outright Odds Compared

BLAST Premier Spring American Showdown 2022

Hosting a prize pool of $500,000.00 with $100,000.00 awarded to the winner, the 2022 edition of the PUBG Nations Cup is kicking off on the 16th of June. It is played live in Thailand in the TRUE Icon Hall.

16 countries will participate in the tournament with their own selected team of top players, each roster consisting of four. A total of 20 matches will be played over four days with one player from each country participating in each.

In every match, points will be awarded to the teams as follows:

1st place finish: 10 points
2nd place finish: 6 points
3rd place finish: 5 points
4th place finish: 4 points
5th place finish: 3 points
6th place finish: 2 points
7th place finish: 1 point
8th place finish: 1 point

In addition, every kill by a player will also award a team with 1 point. After the 20 matches are played, the team that has scored the most points will be the champions.

The tournament is the second of its kind with the first one being held in 2019. Back then, it was Russia that brought home the trophy with a total of 127 points compared to the 2nd placed South Korea at 122 and third placed Canada at 106.

This year, Russia isn’t participating and while we don’t know why it is probably because of the current war with Ukraine. For this tournament, Indonesia is the country that has taken its place. All other countries that participated in 2019 are participating this year too. You’ll find them listed below.

Argentina Australia Brazil Canada
China Finland Germany Indonesia
Japan South Korea Taiwan Thailand
Turkey United Kingdom USA Vietnam

Betting on PUBG Nations Cup 2022

Although odds aren’t offered by a lot of eSport betting sites, it is possible to bet on the tournament at some of the best ones. More specifically, you can bet on the country that will win it as well as a country finishing in the top 3.

Below, we have made an odds comparison between Pinnacle, Betway and GGBET which are all eSport bookies that we recommended. As you will notice, odds vary quite a bit between the three which means that there is good value to be had betting with the right one.

Country to win Pinnacle small logo small betway logo for betting tips ggbet transparent logo 263x50
China 4.57 3.50 3.60
Finland 5.02 5.50 6.00
South Korea 5.48 7.00 7.00
Thailand 6.39 8.00 9.00
United Kingdom 7.31 8.00 11.00
Australia 8.13 10.00 13.00
USA 10.05 11.00 13.00
Vietnam 8.22 9.00 13.00
Indonesia 10.96 12.00 15.00
Turkey 13.69 15.00 17.00
Taiwan 11.88 13.00 17.00
Canada 15.53 17.00 19.00
Brazil 19.019 21.00 21.00
Japan 31.06 34.00 35.00
Argentina 37.43 41.00 41.00
Germany 46.59 41.00 50.00
Country to finish top 3 Pinnacle small logo small betway logo for betting tips ggbet transparent logo 263x50
China 1.64 1.65 1.80
Finland 1.73 1.75 2.00
South Korea 1.90 1.90 2.40
Thailand 2.09 2.10 3.50
United Kingdom 2.43 2.40 3.55
Australia 3.01 2.95 4.00
USA 3.13 3.20 3.60
Vietnam 2.61 2.55 4.00
Indonesia 3.48 3.55 4.00
Turkey 4.17 4.20 5.00
Taiwan 3.82 3.75 5.00
Canada 4.86 4.75 6.00
Brazil 5.91 5.75 7.00
Japan 9.04 9.00 9.00
Argentina 10.42 11.00 11.00
Germany 14.60 11.00 15.00
Accept players from

Pinnacle accepts players from:

Everywhere except Australia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Sweden, Turkey, UK, USA

Betway accepts players from:

Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, UK, Ukraine.

GGBET accepts players from:

Everywhere except Australia, Cyprus, Curacao, France, Iran, Italy, Israel, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Turkey, UK, USA

Please note that the odds and information provided in this article are subject to change.

The comparison was made on 2022-05-28 at 10:00 am CET.

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