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How do I receive my free installation?

Just contact us by email or phone. We will telnet in and install the ScanMail Utilities for you. If you need or you just would like an upgrade of sendmail ScanMail will also upgrade your version of sendmail at the same time. This will include making sure you have milter support compiled in and the ability to remove the ScanMail Utilities if you decide you don't want to use it. If you purchase ScanMail Utilities we can install Clamav, DCC, Vipuls Razor and MYSQL for you as well.

Remote installation or upgrades of the Utilities and Sendmail support are available upon request. For users with a free 15 day license there is support to configure the milter functions in Sendmail. For users with a full license there is Sendmail support available on all issues for 90 days (not limited to milter support). Support can be reached through email at [email protected], by phone .

For more information about our software please contact us:
[email protected] .

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