Features of ScanMail Utilities

Some of the antispam antivirus and mail management features Include:

  • Spam list for subject header only.
  • Open Relay Test
  • Open proxy test
  • Bayesian Filter
  • Invalid Mail Server Test
  • Minimum message size test
  • Minimum subject size test
  • Maximum subject size test
  • The ability to check the "to domain" against recievers domain.(-T)
  • The ability to match un encoded strings with the English spelling of string entries in configuration files.(-B)
  • The ability to rewrite outgoing messages using only the servers ip address.("resend-ip.conf" configuration file)
  • The ability to have a customized auto responder message answer emails.("auto_responder.conf" configuration file)
  • The ability to match user names of incoming mail to a list of usernames on the mail server.("user-list.conf" configuration file)
  • IP Exceptions: Have exceptions based on IP address just as you would a domain address.("ip-exceptions.conf configuration file)
  • Full Scanning of Attachments(Not case Sensitive).
  • Check your config files for regex errors.
  • Clean out work directories through Ptsmd daemon.
  • Support for Third party scripts and software during Scanning Process.
  • Support for Clamav.NOTE: due to a change in clamav 0.90 it will only work with ScanMail Utilities 9.0 and above. Previous versions of clamav will still work with earlier verisons of ScanMail Utilities
  • Support for SPF(Sender Policy Framework) DNS Record.
  • Support for Vipul's Razor.
  • Support for restricting the "to" address.
  • Support for setting your own format for the reports in the web configurator.
  • Support for custom searches of the stats file in the web configurator.
  • Support for detailed analysis of statistics file.
  • Support for DCC (Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse)
  • Ability to add more fields to statistic format list
  • Assortment of mail utilities for testing and analyzing mail support issues.
  • SURBL (Spam Uri Realtime Blocklists)
  • Automatic Repair of MYSQL Tables
  • Automatic deletion of rows in MYSQL Tables based on date
  • Test to if see if sender is a valid user on sending server
  • Save copy of message to MYSQL database or other file location. Complies with the Amendments to Federal Rules to Civil Procedure effective 1 December, 2012.
  • Message Allow/Deny table in MYSQL database
  • Sender Address Verification
  • Ensure Sending Domain has valid MX record
  • Greylisting
  • Recover lost email
  • Retrieve or Rescue email identified as spam
  • Web based Sendmail Configurator
  • Prevent Dictionary Attacks
  • Block enail without headers
  • Block enail without a message body

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