ScanMail Utilities Email Firewall Server

The ScanMail Utilities Email Firewall Server is an anti-spam anti-virus net appliance. The server is a rackmount system designed to be the incoming email firewall for your mail system. You can put the spam device in front of any mail server (Unix, Windows, etc) to scan your email for any objectionable content including spam, viruses, porn, and more. The system is designed to bring this capabilty to your current email system without having to load any software on your current mail server. The mail server receiving the scanned email can sit behind a firewall which would allow for no outside email being sent directly to the inhouse server.

The system is maintenance free and all configuration is done through a web interface. The system has all of the features of our ScanMail Utilities software. You simply point your MX record to the firewall server and all mail is checked before it reaches you. We currently offer one model:
- 80 GB Hot Swap Sata HD
- Dual Core Xeon Processors
- 1 GB RAM
- Price: $4995.00

There is a 90 day warranty on the server. We will also offer other models based on customer needs. Please contact us for details and questions.

Want to try it first? We can run your mail through our server so you can test it before we ship it to you.

For more information about the ScanMail Utilities Firewall Server please contact us:
[email protected] .

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